Alt+Escape: SteamBirds


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Most people agree that the Nazis were, as a whole, pretty bad guys (not Bad Dudes, though, thankfully). How do you make the Nazis even more intimidating? You give them super-science, duh.

Well, okay, that’s not just the premise of SteamBirds: The Allies get super-science, too! Set in a hypothetical world where nuclear power was invented long before the advent of World War II and made practical for early air warfare, SteamBirds is a turn-based top-down flight combat game. Direct your planes, activate their abilities, and try to keep your boys alive to fight another day.

It starts off easy, but quickly gets pretty rough. Some of the missions might take you more than a few tries, so it’s a perfect way to waste time on a lazy Friday afternoon.

(Thanks, zakski!)

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