Alt+Escape: Time Donkey

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Time Donkey

Poor little burro. He was just working away at his shift at Numnum Tacos when he went back into the storeroom and fell into a magical time portal. Now, the Old Donkey of Time (that’s what I’m calling home, anyway) has given him a mission: Donkey must use his power of time travel to collect all the delicious tacos!

Time Donkey seems a lot more complicated than it really is at first. You control the donkey as he goes around collecting tacos, and can reset the flow of time at will, returning the donkey to the start point – but any and all past donkeys will follow their original paths. This leads to some vaguely strategic gameplay, where you finish a taco run by, say, standing on a switch that powers up a nearby elevator for your next future incarnation to take up and access a different part of the level. Or you can use your past self as a springboard to make tall jumps. Or, you can ride your past self around. You get the picture?

Time Donkey is by Flashbang Studios, purveyors of previous Alt+Escape fare Crane Wars, Paper Moon, and Blush – the closest thing browser gaming has to an AAA studio. As with all of their games, this requires the Unity plugin, so when it asks you to install something, don’t be scared! It’s more than worth it.

God bless you, little burrito.

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