Alt+Escape: Use Boxmen


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Use Boxmen

Armor Games has released some damn fine browser games over the past few months since we first started the Alt+Escape feature, and Use Boxmen is no exception. The concept of the game is simple – little box figures need to collect cardboard boxes by using each other in order to solve puzzles.

The trick is that the box figures you spawn will do exactly what you were doing at the time you created them. If you were sitting down, they’ll stay seated in that spot. If you were running, they’ll continue running, and so on. The first few puzzles are pretty easy to figure out, but they get increasingly tougher as the game goes on. (There is a walkthrough, but you don’t want to cheat, do you?)

The game itself is great and pretty unique, but what really ties the whole thing together is the aesthetic – the scribbled stick figures, the friendly (and self-deprecating) narration between every level, and the music. Did we mention the music? The music is awesome.

So yes. Use Boxmen is a lovely little complete package of a clever little puzzle platformer, wrapped in a great soundtrack and a wonderful dreamlike aesthetic. What else could you want?

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