Alt+Escape: Wake the Royalty

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Wake the Royalty

If there’s any genre of browser game that really never gets old – and I say this in complete sincerity – it’s the physics-based puzzle game. The rules are almost always intuitive (since, y’know, we’re all pretty familiar with physics in real life), it’s fun to see different twists, and the moment of “A-ha!” when everything clicks and you figure it out is just really rewarding.

Of course, a great presentation and hilarious premise certainly don’t hurt, and that’s what we get in Wake the Royalty. You see, the lazy royals of (insert kingdom here) aren’t good for anything: They just spend all their time sleeping! It may have something to do with the relaxing background music that plays in their kingdom 24/7, but that’s no excuse at all! So, it’s your job to wake those spoiled blue-bloods from their naps.

And the way to do this is by moving them, of course. Jostle them, hit them, drop them off ledges, and they’ll wake up with a scream. You’ll need to figure out how best to add planks of wood to their oddly precarious sleep arrangements in order to get these royals to wakey-wakey, so put on your thinking cap (not your sleeping cap) and get to work!

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