Some people play terrible videogames for days on end to raise money for charity, while others build fictional to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

You might not know Harrison Krix’s name, but you’ve almost certainly seen his work. He found fame last year when his replica of Portal’s signature weapon caught the attention of the gaming press. Since then he’s built a Big Daddy suit, a laser rifle from Fallout 3 and an assault rifle from Mass Effect 2. Now he’s come full circle and has built another Portal gun to raise money for Child’s Play.

Krix dismantled the original model and used it to create molds of the pieces that made up the outer shell. He then built a new barrel out of wood and PVC piping, and used that to make a new mold for the central parts of the gun. Once he’d cast all the parts in smoothcast resin, he set about putting the electronics together. Like the first gun, this version has orange and blue LEDs that the user can swap between with a switch, but as it’s a very special piece, Krix added a custom-made sound chip that replicated the sounds from the game. Once all the electronics were done and the parts properly painted, it was just a case of putting it all together.

The gun is to be auctioned off on December 7th, along with a special stand signed by everyone at Valve. Hopefully it will go for a great deal of money, because it’s an amazing and unique piece. If you’re interested in seeing how it went together in more detail, there’s a ton of pictures of the build process on Krix’sblog.

Source: via Kyozo Kicks

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