Analyst: 360 Price Cut, Motion Controller, Imminent


Rumors about an Xbox 360 motion controller are being backed by at least one analyst who is also predicting a price cut for the console.

“Hopefully, Microsoft will have something else up its sleeve, such as a new motion-enabled controller,” Signal Hill Analyst Todd Greenwald said ahead of this year’s E3.

He said the Microsoft system has “lost significant momentum” to competitors, particularly in Europe, and needed to expand its appeal beyond its base of first-person shooter players.

Along the same lines, Greenwald also predicted a $50 price slash for the Xbox Premium.

“The Xbox 360 price cut has essentially been confirmed by leaks from retailers at this point. We expect a USD 50 price cut on the Xbox 360 this weekend (from USD 349 to USD 299), prior to Microsoft’s keynote on Monday morning,” he said.

The analyst added that he did not expect Sony to lower the price of the PlayStation 3.


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