Animazement 2015 Cosplay Gallery: Animazing

Cosplay from anime, video games, and comics took over Raleigh for another Memorial Day weekend at Animazement 2015.

With over 11,000 attendees this year, Animazement swarmed downtown Raleigh with a ton of cosplay this weekend. Even though it’s technically an anime convention, of course cosplay covered all corners of the geek world. Here’s just a small sample of some of the skillful, clever, and passionate cosplays on display this year.

nappa (1)

First up is Dragon Ball Z’s Nappa (Rob Nichols – Twitter). Not only was this cosplayer perfect for the character, he was one of the most entertaining parts of Cosplay Chess, since that event was emceed by a Vegeta cosplayer.

See yourself or someone you know? Message me on here or contact me on Twitter (@themikehoff) and we’ll credit the cosplayer.

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League of Legends’ Nidalee made an appearance with an actual wolf, which was equally impressive and disturbing.

sugarplum fairy

The Sugarplum Fairy from Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s Cabin in the Woods is actually a thing of nightmares.

varric and fenris

Fenris and Varric from BioWare’s Dragon Age series taking a break from brooding and writing, respectively. Not present: wine or Bianca.

voltron vs godzilla

An epic battle went down in the lobby of the Raleigh Convention Center when Voltron was called in to take down a rampaging Mechgodzilla.

pyramid head

Not even cancelling Silent Hills can stop Pyramid Head. When asked, he said his next stop was the Konami corporate headquarters.


It is difficult to explain this cosplay, as no one is allowed to acknowledge the existence of the dog park, there are no hooded figures in the dog park, and the dog park could never, ever be real.

Reminder: Do not bring toddlers or precious metals to the dog park, no matter what the voices say. Also, the voices do not exist.

magical 3dmg

Clever concepts and blends of series and genres are a popular tactic for cosplayers. Here, Krista Mariah (Instagram) combined the anime Attack on Titan with the magical girl subgenre of anime.

“Fight like a mahou shoujo,” or, “Fight like a magical girl.”


It was a rather awkward moment when The Incredible Hulk was defeated during cosplay chess by Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

its canon

Another couples’ cosplay in the form of Korra and Asami from Legend of Korra. Why is Asami carrying the giant gun from the series finale?

Because it’s canon.

bucky cap

Steve Rogers (tumblr) and Bucky Barnes (tumblr) took a break from destroying Washington DC to peruse Artist Alley. Rumor has it Tony Stark wanted to go to the Dealer’s Room, which will result in Civil War.


Pokémon’s Cubone must be a difficult cosplay only a couple weeks after Mother’s Day.

five nights

No one seemed to want to hang around Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy’s. It’s odd… his eyes seemed to follow you, wherever you moved.


Even though the weather was supposed to be clear, there was still a Cloud or two. And yes, his sword was actually taller than the average person. Cosplayer is Jackson Yuen (Facebook).


Suicide Squad’s Joker may be difficult to take seriously, but for some fans, their passion for the character could never be damaged.

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