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Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Disc 11: Becoming the Stone


Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Disc 11: Becoming the Stone

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imageBecoming the Stone, Disc 11, is the beginning of the true climax to Fullmetal Alchemist. The stone is created in a brutal massacre, Ed and Al become fugitives of the state, and the boys come face to face with their father in this action-packed disc. This is truly what the fans have been waiting for, the cover features Al covered in strange alchemic symbols, and it is a just a peek at what lies within.

Episode 41 Holy Mother, Ed tries frantically to help evacuate the people of Liore to save them from becoming part of the Philosopher’s stone. However Wrath and Sloth decide that it’s the perfect time to confront Ed. Meanwhile, in the heart of Liore, Scar, Kimbley, and Al duke it out.

In episode 42, His Name Is Unknown, Scar emerges from the battle victorious, though not unscathed, and is determined to make Archer’s soldiers the final ingredients in his Philosopher’s Stone. However, Lust distracts Scar’s preparations by demanding the truth of his origin, desperately hoping to uncover more of her past. Ed also continues fighting in a race against time.

The stone is finally created in Episode 43, The Stray Dog. In the devastating aftermath of the creation of the stone, Ed and Al start their dangerous trip home after the Fuher has declared them fugitives of the state. The two brothers are blamed for the deaths of thousands and are wanted, dead or alive.

imageEd and Al are determined to convince Mustang and his troops of the deceptions of the Fuher in episode 44, Hohenheim of Light. However things are only complicated further when the boys finally come face to face with their father and the deeper conspiracy begins to unravel.

The sound and visuals are as amazing as ever in this disc of Fullmetal Alchemist, and despite being so late in the series the special features have remained in full. Once again i have to say my favorite special included is the booklet inside the DVD case as it features awesome artwork and some interesting written blurbs about the characters and the world.

Entertainment: 9
Things are really heating up on this disc and certainly had me riveted.

Technical: 8
Just as good as the last disc.

Overall: 9

DVD Features: Episode 41 Holy Mother, Episode 42 His Name is Unknown, Episode 43 The Stray Dog, Episode 44 Hohenheim Of Light

DVD Extras: Text less Songs, Production Art, Image Gallery, Character Profiles, Trailers

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