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Archer Season 6 Details Revealed: More ISIS, More Christian Slater

Archer Vice

Archer‘s creator is “excited to get back to what we normally do after a fun summer of cocaine.”

Anyone who watched season five of FX’s Archer knows that the cocaine-fueled season was quite a departure from the show’s typical secret agent vibe. At San Diego Comic Con, creator Adam Reed stated that the next season would be a return to ISIS for Archer and his colleagues. According to Deadline, the first episode of the next season–which was met with “defeaning cheers and laughs”–will have the ISIS spy gang going back to a “digitized version” of their familiar office.

Of course, things aren’t exactly the same as they were before Archer: Vice, as the fifth season was appropriately called: Lana’s got a new baby, and Archer is continuing to deal with the fact that he might not be a completely awful person. Season five was “a vacation” for Reed, joking that the drug-running storyline ended because “we ran out of cocaine,” but the events will still have ongoing consequences.

Since ISIS will be continuing to work with the CIA, Christian Slater will be reprising his guest role as Slater; season six will also introduce Allison Tolman as Pam’s sister Edie. Who knows where the next season will take Archer and company; there’s probably a good chance they’ll all end up in the… danger zone! (Sorry.)

Archer will return to FX in 2015.

Source: Deadline


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