Around Agon: Character Choice – Male or Female?


Around Agon–Character Choice Male or Female
Article by Gamegoddess

Ready set go. The game is out…you rip open the box you install, you patch, what is the first character you make? Do you make a character that is the same sex as you, or opposite sex?

I have asked many guys why they make female toons…the answers I have gotten are “I like to look at their butts more”, “they have more clothing options”, “they get more free stuff”, “there are more choices”. All of these are great responses. Several people I know will make a female as their first character just to see how they look. I know some people that if the females don’t look good, they will not play the game, it is that important to them. It was also pointed out to me that if you are a flirty character and male you get tagged a flirt and there are issues with it. If you are a female it doesn’t seem to matter and is even cute.

Most of the guys I talked to never hide the fact that they are a guy playing a female. According to them there doesn’t seem to be a need to. As a player, I have to say it does bother me when I start hooking up with an opposite sex character and come to find out it is the same sex playing them. But should it? This is all about fantasy. You are free to play whom you want to play and how. You are free to play any age of a character you want to play.

I myself have made both genders of characters. I am female and mostly make female characters. But I have made several males. I tend to make the gender of character that I see that type of character being. I have had male miners/smithies. I have had male alchemists, female fishers, mages, and warriors. I have to say the females generally get more help.

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