Around Agon: Character Information


The topic for today is DarkFall characters. I will talk about the creation, race, prestige classes, customization, etc.

Making a character in DarkFall does not appear to be that much different than the current games out now. We have been told that you will choose your race, which will determine where you start out your DarkFall life. Next will be customization which again will be like what we are seeing lately in all games. This has greatly improved over the years in that you can really have an individual character that looks like what you are trying to portray.

The races to choose from in this game are the Alfar which live in Nagast; the Dwarves of Dverghem; the Humans of Mercia; the Mahirim of the Tribelands; the Mirdain of Mirendil; and the Orks from Morak. Each is rich with history and lore.

The Alfar follow an evil deity and are basically hated by all other races. The Dwarves, good at engineering, are built strong. Humans are the most populated race and the most flexible. The Mahirim are a predator breed. They are fairly primitive but strong. The Mirdain are an ancient race of forest-dwellers. This race feels superior to all other races and most other races have little understanding of them. The Orks are are a race that can do no right.

Once the race is chosen, the next choice is class. We are told that we are going to have a wide choice here as to what we want to be as a character. We will have the option of picking a prestige class which is basically a template such as paladin, assassin, enchanter, etc. or we can start from scratch and put the character together the way we want.

In a little of what we have been told about our character play….we are told we will be able to swim. The characters are going to need to eat. I am happy about this. I think a character should suffer if they don’t eat. There will be character housing. And armor will effect swimming, running etc.

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