Welcome to Around Agon. This is a new weekly column where I will discuss many topics of DarkFall some old and some new.

This first week I am going to talk about the general story of DarkFall according to the official FAQ and lore.

The general storyline of DarkFall is long ago the early civilizations of Agon were wiped out in a devastating battle that was so bad that it almost wiped out all life. Apparently this was so bad that the only thing that survived was some fragments of a book written by the Chaldeans. The book, originally known as The Ashur Agade is now known as The Book of Chaldea. These fragments, six of which are known about are scattered around Agon.

The first fragment tells about the goddess and the creation of the world and inhabitants. The races talked about are humans, mirdain, alfar, dwarves, mahirim and orks.

The second fragment tells about the development of the civilizations. How they discovered art, language and progressed. They began to build their civilizations and grow corrupt. As they began to hate each other, they also began to fall away from their love of the goddess.

The third fragment tells of how the society hunted for and found sixteen word stones which were gathered and the information extracted. What they found were secrets of power against mortals and Agon. They took these stones to the goddess and used them against her and forced her out of power. The world fell into darkness.

The forth fragment tells of how the people wanted the power of the goddess for themselves. They divided the world between them and began to rule that world as god-kings. This of course failed to work and the bickering and fighting continued. The wars continued and many were slain in the wars that continued over the centuries.

The fifth fragment tells of how the world became nothing more than wasteland. The people knew they had to call a truce or lose everything.

The sixth fragment talks of prophecy. There is hope that more fragments will be found and that there will be a return of the goddess.

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