Ars Technica Acquired by Wired.Com Parent Company


On the verge of its tenth anniversary, computer technology and gaming website Ars Technica has been acquired by the parent company of

Conde Nast, which owns Wired Magazine,, and Reddit, will oversee the business end of, which will remain an independent publication, according to its founder, Ken Fisher.

“Ars Technica is now focused on increasing its coverage by bringing more experts onboard to fill out our technical mojo. We’re going to get broader, but also more in-depth, in areas of IT and science,” Fisher said in a public release.

He added that current editorial staff will remain onboard, with new offices opening in San Francisco and Chicago that will add more staff members.

“Ars Technica was born as a labor of love, amongst liberal arts grad students who had cast aside the ideas of being well-to-do in favor of the intellectual world of academe. We had signed up to become the proverbial ‘poor professors,'” said Fisher.

Details of the acquisition price were not released, but sources suggest it’s about $25 million.

Source: Ars Technica,

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