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Rafa Melandi turns ten classic metal album covers into smooth, jazzy art.

We don’t cover music or non-game-related art much here on The Escapist…but every once in a while, something so rad and epically metal happens, and we simply cannot ignore.

That’s the case with a new set of artwork by Brazilian artist Rafa Melandi, who’s latest gallery comes from Behance. The art, seen below, re-imagines ten of the most essential metal albums ever made as 1950s “Blue Note”-era jazz records.

Melandi, who works in advertising down in Sao Paulo, is a fan of metal and jazz both. “”I’m a big fan of jazz, and, as a designer, I’m fascinated by the Blue Note-era style and aesthetics,” said Melandi to Decibel Magazine. “I find that those jazz records covers have the same force and intensity as metal albums do – not needing to represent them with shocking images like blood, gore and ‘scary’ illustrations like metal. It’s powerful and strong using only simple elements.

“If Metallica or Slayer were bands from the late 50’s? How could their sound be represent by art covers at the time? Could it have the same impact and strength? That was my inspiration.”

Along with looking incredibly slick and well-designed, this caught my eye because two of my favorite albums ever — Slayer’s Reign in Blood and Metallica’s Master of Puppets — were given the makeover treatment.

And for those who aren’t the most hardcore of metal fans? There’s a comparison image included that shows the original album art in all its 70s and 80s splendor.

Source: Rafa Melandi/Behance | Decibel Magazine

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