Artix Entertainment:Extinguishing the Fire War

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Get out the lotion and slather it on because Artix Entertainment is set to give DragonFable players a chance to extinguish the Fire War that leveled the town of BattleOn. But they could get burned… Keep reading!

Artix Entertainment: Extinguishing the Fire War!

We’re going to need a lot more than aloe to heal these burns…

Heroes of the online RPG DragonFable ( ) have engaged in battle against the forces behind the Fire War for over two months now. The town of Battleon was burned to the ground. The once beautiful, lush prairies of Lore are nothing more than a smoldering reminder of the War. Fiery beasts flooded the lands, causing destruction and devastation in their wake. Fearless heroes gave their lives in hopes of stopping the madman behind the fiery madness: Drakonnan. Will our Heroes be able to extinguish the Fire War once and for all? What will become of Drakonnan and the Fire Orb if they do succeed? The hope of all mankind rests in their able hands!


The Fire Orb can never be destroyed. It can only be transferred between those who are able to withstand its incredible power. This orb, of course, is only a threat when placed into the wrong hands. Naturally, Evil has an uncanny way of gaining possession of said orb. Even if Drakonnan is defeated, who will be the next to obtain it? Will it yet again fall into the hands of those whose only mission in life is to cause dread and misery? New foes and old enemies will emerge from the ashes and it is up to our Heroes to put an end to their reign before it rages out of control… again!


Return to Wanderland!

Go ask Aria, when she’s ten feet tall…

After being transformed into a giant and shrunk back down to a pint-sized pipsqueak, the Heroes of Lore must return to Wanderland for their final quest! Even though the challenges they have faced were literally out-of-this-world, our Heroes will be happy to know they finally have a friend on their side: Cheshire Twilly! This mysteriously maniacal Moglin has some good advice on how to rescue the young Aria from the Queen of Tarts! But not everything in Wanderland is as helpful as Cheshire Twilly; if you happen to stumble upon a bubble-blowing Kittypillar, be prepared to answer its call!


About DragonFable ( )

Amongst our other four RPGS, DragonFable is a free, browser-based Role Playing Game built in Flash. Our games feature a traditional fantasy environment with a completely original plot and outline that is inspired by player feedback. DragonFable features extremely customizable characters and are updated weekly with new weapons, armors, quests, features, and… some really weird stuff… continually added by the friendly Team!

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