Asherons Call: A Blast from the Past

Perhaps you’ve noticed how quiet it has been the last few days. I know I have, been wanting to put this new News system through the works and unfortunately I haven’t had much chance to do so. Since things are a bit quiet though, people are fondly remembering when the dread Hopeslayer, Bael’Zharon, spread his love to Dereth. It was the best of times because it was the worst of times.

Here’s a few links for you to remember those times:

November ’00 Preview – Remember when Vesayen was new?

The Spin from Turbine – Back when this was still called the Spin from Turbine and Nik Davidson was still the AC Live producer. A postmortem of the Defense of the Shard.

Colin the Grey is still not listed a Defender of the Shard!

Gamespy Developer Journal – An interview with Dave Namerow (Asheron) and Jesse Kurlancheek (Bael’Zharon) about their roles during the December event.

Bael’Zharon Interview – An interview with the Slayer of Hope, who was once known as Ilservian Palacost.

Asheron Interview – An interview with Asheron Realaidain. If I may quote my favorite line:

Asheron: I have always been here. Watching.

I know I personally enjoyed those times, and I know the Devs did as well. At the ACPL I heard a story about Bael’Zharon’s first appearance in game. He appeared on the beaches of Mayoi, not quite near town yet. As he started to approach town there was a level 6 character on the beach whacking, oh whacking what level 6 characters whack. He saw Bael’Zharon, stopped, looked at him for a moment, and then rushed him. Needless to say he didn’t last long, but he quickly became the Dev’s hero.

Thanks to Lila of Morningthaw for getting me those links to the Bael’Zharon/Asheron interviews so quickly!

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