Fist shares with us the latest column over at The Olthoi’s Lair.

When the game first started, I tended to run around a lot. I wanted to explore new places and see everything there was to see. At the time, this was not a very smart thing to do. The chance of recovering a body was slight. There was no command to get the coordinates back then. We did not have things like last portal recall. In fact, getting a portal tie was something very hard to do.

Still, despite the danger, I would travel up and down the land, looking for fun and adventure. One day, I started out from Arwic and headed northwest. After passing a few hills, I kept going north. I had no idea where I was going, or if there was anything to see up there. We did not have maps or any guides whatsoever. I would stop and fight whatever I saw. I found a Mite dungeon, but only stopped there for a short while.

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[li]Guest Writer R Scott White

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