Cusseta1 asks: Will you please fix the Prismatic stone to be timer instead of one time?
srand: You’ll be pleased to know that we changed a number of one-time-only quest flags to timed quest flags in the March update. This includes the flag on the Prismatic Stone.

IamInsane69 asks asks: Looking to start a new Sword character, what are the popular templates these days? And starting attributes?
srand: I’m fond of:

Spec: Sword, MeleeD, Arcane
Train: Healing
Pick up item and then lockpick. Move your excess endurance to strength at high levels if you feel gimped. But that’s probably not what you are looking for. *grin*

invariance asks: I recently purchased a villa and found, while decorating, a double hook. It is the only double hook in the entire house but I remain concerned for obvious reasons. Should I worry about my entire villa being wiped at the patch saying they decide to remove this double hook or should I continue about my business and simply ignore that single hook?
srand: There is one villa model — the one with two courtyards, I believe — that has an extra hook in the portal room, tucked away in the corner. This is not a case of a duplicated housing object; rather, the designer of this house model accidentally placed two actual real live hooks on top of each other here. We didn’t catch the problem until after the villas were in the world and some of them were owned — and that means that we are unable at this point to remove one without the risk of item loss. So we’ve left them and publicized their existing in most of our duplicated housing objects announcements.

It is perfectly safe to use one of these hooks, but we do not recommend that you attempt to use both of them at the same time because the physics of the two hooked items might interact in strange ways and cause problems. Single hooks are ethereal, however, so as long as you only use one of the hooks at once that isn’t an issue. And because they are both actual real live hooks, there are none of the normal risks associated with duplicated housing object.

vn_haus asks: Who is Antius?
Orion_Turbine: Antius Blackmoor is a sword scholar that first made his appearance in lore vignettes about 15-16 months ago. He has been serving as an Isparian ambassador to the Lugians and Tumeroks, as well as heading research of the Harbinger.

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