I was cleaning out my folders when I found this parody, written by me, back in 2001. Back when holtburgers were all the rage, and monkey island was known only to Governor Marley and Guybrush. I dusted it off and here it is.

Ice, Ice, Golems
Mages were buffed wearing less than full plate
Very quick spawns so there’s not much wait
Crowded but for the most part fine
Till I see a Life mage and he’s only level 9!

Yes, I did depict a level 9 mage in the Lugian Citadel. I must admit, the subtlety of my humor impresses even me at times, as does my ridiculous modesty. ;p

Now, if you all don’t send in some fresh parodies, I’ll post ANOTHER antique one. And nobody wants to see that happen.

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