So far so good. Lots of chess matches and some people even show for them! *jest* Although, you guys are missing +Admin Srand by not watching. Now, for Q&A

EshuunDara asks: Please make Ashbane ivoryable!
srand: Ashbane isn’t ivoryable right now because you can turn it in for a good bit of experience, and right now NPCs can’t check to see if an item you turn is is only wieldable by you or not. When we add code to support that kind of check, we will likely make Ashbane ivoryable.

silvadel states: The South Yanshi Outpost Collector gives out old rewards!
srand: A number of outpost collectors are a bit behind the times when it comes to trophy rewards. What can you expect — they never get into town to chat with the other collectors. It is on our list to get them back up to date, hopefully with the May update.

Mi Tes asks: Please, reconsider having on executive producer for both AC Games?
Orion: Jessica simply is the most logical choice to fill the role of Executive Producer for Asheron’s Call Dark Majesty. She is dedicated to keeping the games separate and unique and has already placed an incredible amount of trust into the hands of the Asheron’s Call Dark Majesty Live Team. The direction and focus of each game remains separate. Asheron’s Call Dark Majesty and Asheron’s Call 2 are very different games and each faces different challenges. As a team we have been very vocal and communicative with our player base and we plan to remain so in the future. We are dedicated to informing our players, Jessica understands and fully supports us in those endeavors. What this will mean for you; the players, fans and supporters of Asheron’s Call Dark Majesty, is that there is someone at the helm who has the interests of this team and thereby; the players, fans and supporters, interests in mind for each decision that is made. In closing, Jessica has assumed the role of Executive Producer because she believes, and is dedicated to seeing, that Asheron’s Call Dark Majesty and Asheron’s Call 2 become leaders in the MMOG industry. Further, she has faith that the teams that she currently manages can succeed in growing these games into forerunners and pioneers that will stand the test of time.
Mulligan: As Orion said, you needn’t worry. My job as EP is not to come in and make sweeping procedural changes to something that works pretty well already. I’m here for a number of reasons, three of the more important ones being: Keeping the project with as much visibility as it can stand – and more – in the company; Be an enabler for the Live Team and get them more of the resources that they want and need to continue making ACDM the game they and you want it to be; With the help of the team, make and implement plans for future growth. I love AC. I’ve been in the online games industry for seventeen years now and have played them all, and the most fun I’ve had was in AC with a hunting group of six friends. It is low level, I know, but the Mosswart Fort was our favorite place; we used to start new characters just to go there and pound on them until we hit level 18 or so. So don’t worry; I’m not about to try to arrogantly mandate stupid changes. What works now – the crew talking to the customers and making plans based on that and their own ingenuity – works just fine.

Meph asks: Regarding the new craftable thrown weapons, can you buff them? or even tell us?
Orion: You are right Meph, there isn’t a whole lot that van be said about your speculation. Just wait and see.

Circeus asks: How come we can’t Ivory Fen/Caul/Shen items?
srand: You can ivory the shields and the orbs. You cannot ivory the bows at this point because they can be crafted into crossbows or turned in to an NPC to obtain the atlatls. When we have the tech in place to make crafting and NPCs treat ivoried items appropriately, then we will most definitely make the crystal bows ivoryable. The crossbows and atlatls could be made ivoryable right now, but it seems rather rude to bow characters to leave them out that way.

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