Was working on a BIG one when I got the message that our forums are going to be brought up soon so to get out of the system! Woohoo! So, here’s what I’ve got so far:

Trinity_Isaak asks: Do all of Bobo’s Idols give non exp rewards? I have used over 20 wishes on the Armor Tinker Idol and received only exp, I was hoping I could get a definitive answer so I could stop wasting my wishes if I will only receive exp
Orion_Turbine: No, not all the statues have a non-xp reward.

Reality_Dysfuction asks: Regarding the Tusker Paw rewards, Why don’t you make the exp given relevant to what is required to raise it; 100xp into war when it takes me 180 million to raise it?
Orion_Turbine: Okay to answer your questions on why the shrines don’t give out the massive amounts of experience you are asking for, the eviscerator pincer, this can be done once every 21 days, the tusk quests can be done once every 21 days. The pincer quest gives 3 million experience guaranteed every 21 days. Bobo can be completed once every three days. This means that over the course of those same 21 days a player could possible gain upwards of 14 million into a skill. This is experience that is applied to overall level as well. Granted it has the random chance of only 50k but at the same time the heaviest weighting is toward 1 mil each paw. As someone pointed out, you can certainly earn more on the quest. Truest statement ever. Not all quests are going to have a kick-butt reward at the end, some quests are the reward. As for which statues give out non-xp rewards, we’re still not going to write out instructions for how everything works.

Kaleli_FF asks: Regarding Arwic’s Reconstruction: Are there any plans to expand the reconstruction of arwic to the entry pillars on the roads to the town? And perhaps bringing the rest outpost vendors (olthoi crafter, fletcher, etc)closer to the city like the mage house and perhaps incorporate a secondary wall around these new additions?
Orion_Turbine: If you speak to the people outside of town you might understand why they are staying outside the walls. Arwic is as near done as we can say at this time.

[b]DarkDragon_we[/b] states: Assailers no longer ignore shields.
Orion_Turbine: Confirmed.

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