For characters over 50 we ask for small donations. We are not looking to get rich, just a small something. Ie a C Note for a buff is not much.

We will be offerring “Door Prizes” When you show up you can pick up a Parchment and later on when we call your parchment number you can trade that parchment in on the current prize or take a chance of having your number called again later.

When: Friday October 22 Starting at *gasp* Midnight (0:00 Saturday Morning) yes that’s right Midnight (Friday night/Saturday morning)

How long: We will look to be there for 2 hours or until participation dies out
Where: Outside of Arwic

Example of Items to be given away

Armor: All armor will be work 6 Al 200 or higher unless it has a Creature 6, Minor or Major on the item

Weapons: All weapons will be work 6 near max damage or higher unless it has a Creature 6, Minor or Major on the item
Wands: Anything that pops up on Bandit Sight

Some items may already be tinkered and/or imbued

Help: We realize that some people may wish to help. Help will not be turned down. However; WE DON’T WANT YOUR STUFF! The second reason we are doing this is to get rid of our stuff. Just Wild and I alone have 5 accounts and everyone of our mules is burdened. Most recently we had to keep someone’s DI’s on our buffbot because our mules couldn’t hold them.

Your thinking, “He said 2nd reason. What’s the first?” To give back to a wonderful community that has given so much to us. We really do appreciate everyone on these boards and everything they have done for us and others.

So if you want to help us give away stuff, send me a pm and I will let you know how you can help us.

For those that are needing this, here it is. Come and get it!


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