ACVault Screenshot Contest

Turbine has sent us some signed AC Classic (non-AC: DM) boxes! The boxes feature the signatures of those on the AC Live Team as well as a CD and a key to play for a free month. We will be giving away three of these boxes in this contest.


This time, the contest is for screenshots! Over the next week, we will have three contests resulting in three winners each time (first, second and third place.) Here are the rules of this contest:

1. We will post hints at a random (and unannounced) time on the ACVault front page. It will hint at the requirements for the screenshot. Here’s an example: Go to where the Water of Forgetfulness is housed and show the sword made with Iilservian Palacost’s Blood.


That will mean going to Mt. Lethe and having the Sword of Lost Hope somewhere in the picture. You don’t have to wield it, although it would probably be prettier if you did Correct entries will be ranked in order of creativity. Additional hints will be given out if people are not correctly reading them. You have 24 hours from when the first hint for each contest is given to submit your picture. Submissions after this period will not count for the contest. See below for the prizes.

Click here to read all of the rules and see the prizes! Be sure to do this or you won’t know how to participate in the contest!

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