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We’re proud to announce that Big_Wiz will now be doing movies for ACVault! The first movie, “The Red Lore” (15.8 MB,) delves into some of the story behind Bael’Zharon and Player Killers. Check it out! You can find a low-res version here (4.1 MB.)

New Column: Mumblin’ Marius
Mumblin’ Marius is about this guy, Marius, that likes to talk and mumble about Asheron’s Call! Did Marius get killed in some ridiculous way today? Read about it here! Did Marius discover one of the many mysteries of Dereth? Not bloody likely, but you can still read about it here! Has Marius found the meaning of life? Probably not, but you can listen to him yap about the past, present and future of Dereth and Asheron’s Call! Got BRAR? Marius does!

Sprawl’s Scrawl: Fortifying the Island. The adventures on the Singularity Caul continue! Read more of the story and learn about this week’s event!

AC Vault Guides
Quest Guide: Horn of Vigilance. Need something to keep those Olthoi away from your house? The Horn of Vigilance might not quite live up to its inventor’s promises, but it makes a nice house and death item!
Character Guide: The Tank Archer is awesome in dungeons and on quests. A strong offense combined with good defense makes this an excellent template for solo hunting. Teamed with a mage, there isn’t much that can’t be brought down in a hurry with an imperil and a good bow.
Fashion Guide: Our Fashion section has been updated with new submissions! Remember, the success of this section depends on your submissions, so help us out, and send in your character’s favorite clothing!

Server News:
Wintersebb Weekly Times, Issue 18 is packed with events and news from Wintersebb as well as an interview with a rather frequent board poster, Brother_Tempus.
Frostfell Weekly Times, Issue 10. This week’s issue of the “Frostfell Weekly Times” also includes an editorial section!

New Player Submitted Artwork: Check out “” title=”” target=”_blank”>Wrath of Daveman” by Deitrich of HG!

Also be sure to check my AC Vault favorite: ACVault Top 10 Lists!

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