Asherons Call: AC Vault Updates


Paraduck writes..

LingMei, one of our new guidebook editors, has created a guide to help those interested in playing a melee character with only item magic!

Granny’s Figments, Creations, and Dreamscapes, Vol. 8 The Search (Part 5): In the next leg of the quest for a legendary bow, Grannio and his fellowship venture into the depths of a dungeon inhabited by Virindi and Olthoi. Can they find Kifev to continue their quest? Find out!

Morningthaw is finally represented in AC Vault Server News section! Fist_MT will be in charge of writing a newspaper-like article about the events on Morningthaw. If you play on MT, please give him your support by submitting news! The first issue of this paper, “Fist First,” is up. Click here to stay up-to-date with Wintersebb! Also, many players from Frostfell will know of Sprawl. We are now happy to host “Sprawl’s Scrawl” on ACVault. Here’s what Sprawl had to say about his own column, “Come and read about the adventures of Sprawl, then mark your calendars and join him for real in-game adventures. Maybe, just maybe, you will be remembered in the history of Frostfell.”

Paraduck would like to invite you to AC Vault’s Hall of Quests. Just added are the Living Tome Quest, Font of Jojii Quest, and an update to the Singularity Caul Recall Quest.

Trai would warn you about accepting invitations from StrangeWaterFowl but she’s too much of an evul peekay to want to warn anyone of encroaching adventures. =)

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