Asherons Call: AC Vault Updates


The results (and submissions) of AC Vault’s short story contest are in and can be found here. Congrats to all who won! And, congrats to Sweex for winning last week’s contest on the “Real Life Equivalents of AC Monsters” topic! To learn more about participating in AC Vault’s weekly contest, click here.

Meanwhile in “The Journey of Dereth“, the latest chapter may have some foreshadowing that you need read to be prepared for the next chapter.

Also, Harvestgain Weekly News has been posted! This week’s Consuling Tip From the Olthoi Queen is: Whatever you do, don’t make your significant other wear the Crown of Anointed Blood out on a date! And, if all that’s not enough, prismatic1 is sure to awe you with his latest two requested panoramas: the Obsidian Span and Ithaenc Cathedral. So be sure to check them out!

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