This week, Chapter 14: Piqued Interest will hopefully answer your questions of how Grog of Nothing survived in his fight against so many enemies. Prismatic1 explores the Tusker Armory in the “Oh, Hello” edition of DerethPan. The latest installment of “Chosen Catastrophe” has been released. And Wintersebb Weekly Times has released Issue #15.

The Dungeon Dweller’s Guide to Dereth continues your tour of the Obsidian Plains Black Spawn Den. Here’s a sample:

The cold cruel air seeps up in wisps from the bowels of the darkest dungeon crevices filled with a mixture of damp sweat and mold, yet electrified with the smell of blood and death. The hard tiled floor, littered with the bodies of men and beast, sears into our brains as we stumble over them making our way to the wall of creatures slithering and scowling their way to our group of weary adventurers.


@me gags her darker side and loudly announces, “AC Fashion is now live! Mistress_Shay’s guide to players’ in-game fashion where you can submit three of clothing from the following styles: Armor, Casual, and Formal.”

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