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Ling Mei’s Guide to Home Decoration (Part One)
Finally! You got your new cottage, villa, mansion, or apartment! You look around, and envision walls covered with paintings, hangings, maps, you see furniture in your mind’s eye, wonderful items to adorn your house. How do you get them all? Where should you start? This guide will help you!

DerethPan: Crashing Ulgrim’s House with High-Res Images! Prismatic1 has traveled to Ulgrim’s Island and attempted to crash his house with high-res images! Go here to see the fruits of his adventures.

Also, a new chapter of Granny’s Figments has been released.
There was a startled squawk when they materialized, and Granino looked down and saw that they’d landed in the middle of a small flock of chickens. Luckily, none had been stepped on. The noise alerted Dawte, and the older man came rushing out of his house, brandishing a bow with an arrow knocked and ready to fly. When he saw what it was, he tilted the weapon down and a smile replaced the serious look on his face…

Harvestgain Weekly News, Issue 19 The latest issue of the “Harvestgain Weekly News” is ready to read! This week’s featured allegiance is The Golden Elms.>” title=”” target=”_blank”>The Morningthaw weekly times is now available, check it out.

Topic of the Week: Death Losses & PK Rewards

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