Asherons Call: ACDualClient 7.2.0 New and improved for Turbine Launcher!

Cykaos of Morningthaw sends us word that Drakiers AC Dual Client is now working with the Turbine Client!

What’s new?

-You can now login to AC using ACDualClient just as you did before, only now using Turbine ID’s and the new turbine launcher. Store your many account Login and passwords (optional) encrypted (Be sure to read help file to see the many things ACDualClient can do to protect your information).

-If you are running decal you can Login from ACDualClient straight to the character of your choice. No more bothering with the Character Select Screen.

-No more need to patch your client or download one from the ACDualClient website every month for Dual Logging and/or Window Mode. ACDualClient uses injection and memory patching similar to decal. So you can just use ACDualClient to do memory patching without decal, or you can use decal (if Old inject is NOT enbaled).

-Updated help file with updated FAQ (for turbine launcher) and new section on the nifty little program WhereAC

For all of those updating from a previous version of ACDualClient, once you have installed 7.2.0 You will need to clear all your old zone account information and enter in your Turbine information.

Everything having to do with the zone has been removed from ACDualClient. If you have not migrated then do not update to this version. I suggest everyone migrates A.S.A.P. though because mandatory migration starts soon.

As always if you have any questions please read the help file, search the FAQ, and search the ACDualClient forums, chances are your questions has already been asked and answered.

Go to and Download 7.2.0 now. (LiveUpdate will not upgrade 7.2.0 because we don’t want people still using the zone to accidentally install this over their other version)

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