I took that challenge, and the next night I started out at 10:00 PM sharp, standing at the Crater portal drop freshly buffed. I ran over to the Crater Caves and arrived inside at 10:03 PM. I hate that dungeon; it seems straight forward at first but quickly degrades into a wannabe maze. If you go the right way, it’s not far to the end. If you go the wrong way, it seems like you are heading in the correct direction… but then you hit a dead end.
Of course, I did the latter which definitely cost me a few minutes. This was irritating as I had myself on a clock and every second counted. At 10:08 PM
I picked up the Pyreal Forge Bellows and recalled to Aerlinthe. I quickly
ran down the small hill I appeared on and sprinted off down the gauntlet that was the Aerlinthe shore (of course, almost everywhere on Aerlinthe seems like a gauntlet, but we will ignore that for now.)

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