Asherons Call: Adventures in Dereth – The Mosswart Hideout


Every day on this adventure I see something new! On the beach today I stumbled across a tiny mass of wriggling green tentacles, about the size of ones fist. It even had a little eyestalk that blinked at me. ‘Wrigglers’ I think I shall call them! We may still be shipwrecked, and my clothing could use a bit of patching (I know Sunflash could use a bath) but how could anyone be depressed when there are cute little ‘wrigglers’ living in the sand.

While on a morning jaunt a decided to turn our course away from the beach, and into the depths of the island. As we enter the darker foliage I’m beginning to notice more scuffling in the underbrush. I am beginning to wonder if our intuition was correct, and we are not alone- (message ends abruptly)

Be sure to visit Rathmall & Sunflash’s adventures on CoD, as well as their own website where you can find out how to have Rathmall & Sunflash do your portrait!

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