Asherons Call: Alternative Logins


Hey I just wanted to take up a few lines telling everyone who (like me) absolutely hates loging in through the Zone/Passport to play AC about two tools I highly recommend for logging in.

First up is AC Zone Launcher. If you’re looking the fastest login possible, then look no further than this little tool. You’ll never see the Zone. You’ll never see Passport. Even when my friends are reporting having login problems via the normal login route, I’ve found this little tool can still get me logged in and playing AC. A new version that is compatible with the recent Zone changes was just released. Some of the more advanced features can even kick off Decal or (if you’re clever) Dual log…

But if you do Dual log and still don’t want to log in through normal channels than your best bet is ACDualClient (aka Drakier’s Dual Client). This app will get you logged in (also bypassing the Zone and Passport) and handle all your dual (or more) client needs. It even helps you set up for runing multiple clients, handling multiple play directories and registry settings. This is a dual clienter’s best friend.

Both of these apps and more can be found in our Third Party Utilites section.

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