Al-Egre Arn of Thistledown asks: (Could you) Please get rid of the no-logout feature in the Gaerlen dungeons?
Orion responds: This is something that is being discussed for revisement. No time has been decided upon, yet.

Oozing Blister asks: Ok WHY no sing caul upgrade?
Orion responds: The time is not yet at hand for a revision to the caul. But I am consulting the charts and the stars are nearing the alignment…but with that said there are no immediate plans to change the island, though it has been discussed.

Chrono of Wintersebb asks: This winter would it be possible to put snow on our rooves?
Scenario responds: (after a big long technical thing) In order to make that effect occur on Houses, which are not an initial part of our landscape generation but are instead hand placed, we would have to make new objects and replace these new objects with the old objects. And doing this would be a very scary and potentially dangerous. While it would increase immersion, it is not worth the risk to housing to do this. (He says “no.”)

Ellen Ripley says: Olthoi Armor shoes change appearance of parts of GSC.
Scenario responds: It is a bug I am aware of and have already fixed for the September prop.

Number132 asks: who makes the monsters in AC?
Scenario responds: Creating new monsters in AC is a shared job between our content designers and the artists on the team. As far as who does what, here’s a little run down. Content designers are responsible for making the monster work, assigning its health, attack damage, and armor (as well as all other attributes and skills). The artists are responsible for the monster model, textures, animations, and setup of the monster so that it works with what the content designers have written for it. Artists are also responsible for palette shifting on creatures to give new breeds and castes of monsters different looks as well as any model replacements needed to give monsters new looks (the Armored Skeleton or Mowen Udaun for example).

Quendor asks: Why does Zyrca have such a long title? (Asheron’s Call Live Junior Game Systems Engineer)
Zyrca responds: Because I r0x0r ur b0x0rz yo!

Ok… I made that last one up but it could be true!

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