Asherons Call: And on the Fan Fiction Front…

Grog of Nothing is enraged by the last memories of his dead sister and lunges into battle, oblivious to the dangers that present him! Meanwhile more warriors have encountered the mysterious mist in Graybeard’s latest edition of Chosen Catastrophy. And Dark Eternal’s long awaited edition of latest addition to Coming to Dereth, Part 18: Eye of the Storm has arrived as Max Fox returns to where his transformation began. Meanwhile, Silifi of WE continues into the second chapter of “The Journey of Dereth.” as one of her characters embarks on one of the game’s most famous quests.

And three new comics! Flipz of Frostfell becomes “” title=”” target=”_blank”>Lost at Lunchtime” shortly after saying “” title=”” target=”_blank”>I’ve Got Great News…“. And sakamae sulks because Turbine didn’t take the suggestion on the “Proposed update to Frore“.

Thank you for the updates, Paraduck!

Remember everyone, if you’ve a link to an AC Fan Fiction or Artwork site, we’re always happy to find links to sites our readers may enjoy. So send your links in via Submit News. =)

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