Greetings, Toron Toyama here.

Walking into the Tou tou tavern, Toron was pleased to see several patrons that he could entertain with his story telling.

In a loud voice that drifted over the low growl of the crowd, he began his story.

” Yes, that’s right I just finished my Survival of the Fittest contest. Didn’t do to bad if I do say so myself.” he motioned towards the crowd as he spoke, then shouted for the barmaid to bring him an Ale.

” It began in Rithwic, where Destinee my beloved wife and I had Life Stoned so we could be close to each other and possible help one another. She went her own way right after we started, so I went over to Mara Lassel to find a few things in the Dark Lair olthoi dungeon near Green Spire. I managed to kill several Gardner & Harvestor Bugs and looted most of what I needed from their worthless caucuses.” he said with a laugh that drew most of the people back that were drifting away.

” After I got the pincer for Behdo Yii I headed outside and took the portal to Redspire where I handed it over to him. He was so pleased and generous, he gave me a D note, a ring and some treated healing kits. I’ve always said he was a good man, just wish he still allowed those fellowship turn-ins like the old days.” Toron grumbled as he lifted his Mug of Ale high in salute to … as he remembered the old days, which several adventuring patrons toasted their agreement too.

” After I left Red Spire, I headed back to Rithwic and took the Shoushi portal so I could talk to Dame Tsaya and start the Elysa’s Favor quest. After saying this several of the younger people in the tavern looked up surprised that anyone so old, would do that sort of quest.

” Yeah, its a little bit beneath me, but I was really hoping for a good ring I could use and the monsters were still rather tough.” he said as he took another drink.

” Dame Tsaya had me head out where I quickly finished the first part of the quest, and I received a note to give to take to Yaraq. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but I had to find a way over to the Subway so I could make this quest faster.” Toron said as the bar wench walked by and he was quick to give her a smile.

” I headed North from Rithwic, running through the wilderness to take the shortest path I knew of, to Arwic.” said Toron to the crowd gathered around the tavern.

” I know it was a long run, but I was able to cast Quickness & Sprint on myself to make quick work out of it.” he replied after the tavern owner mumbled something about it being a long run. Turning a cold stare, Toron continued speaking.

” Along the way to Arwic, I managed to kill a few wilderness monsters. One actually had quite a good Fire Katar on it.” Toron said before taking a drink of ale.

” I made it up to Arwic were I made my way up the ridge towards the Abandoned Mines or Old Subway as most of us know it. There were a few Drudge Stalkers & Elari Wood Golems just outside, so I dealt with them then tied to the portal and went inside.” Toron paused long enough to order another Ale then continued.

” After making the jump down to the bottom, I looked around for the portal I wanted, then used it to wisk me clear over to Yaraq.

” I ran over to the building that where my contact was and gave him the note. He sent me out to talk to a farmer on the otherside of town, which I did then went back with the information he wanted. After that the fun part of dealing with those nasty Hollow Minions took place. Never could stand those monsters, seeing that I rely so on my magical items.” he said as the barkeep brought over a fresh Ale.

” Strangely enough, I had no problem getting down to the bottom and opening the chest I was supposed to go after. So I brought the skin back to him and he gave me a note for Sir Rylanan in Holtburg.” Toron shook his head as he mentioned Holtburg then spat out a curse that had more than one eyebrow lift in amazement.

” Too dang nab cold up there for me anyway. ” he said finishing his outburst.

“Sir Rylanan gave me orders to see about a reformed bandit that lived nearby, not that I ever believed he was actually reformed. Once a bad apple, always a bad apple, if you ask me.” he said as he laughed out at the crowd.

” Anyway, just as I thought there were Hollow minions around the bum and I brought back a note to Sir Rylanan that proved it. He sent me to the … dungeon where I found several Banderlings, from the young to some hardened Berserkers. That was some fun killings, but I went all the way to the bottom again without much trouble. There I found the group of tortured souls and another group of Hollow Minions which I freed. ” he said as he began to laugh and looked over to Chuckus the Stout walking inside.

“Always said Death was freedom to the damned. Sir Rylanan said something to that fact as I brought him this swirling purple orb I found down there in a chest. He was about to do something with it, then thought better of it and sent me back to Tenshin in Shoushi.” Toron waved to Chuckus as he moved close enough to the Bar wench to give her a swift pat on the rear.

” Good to see you again Chuckus, find that wench wacking club of yours yet?” Toron asked with a grin. Chuckus just smiled and looked over to the Bar wench who glared back.

” As I was saying, I went back to Shoushi to finish up with TEnshin when he gave me permission to use his portal to old Ft Wilshire out near Cragstone. I ran threw the dungeon without messing around and took the exit portal right into a mess of Hollow Minions and other beast out at the Fort. I tell ya if I had my regular gear on, I would have done them ALL in, but time was a wasting so I just took the key unlocked the door and used the trap door down into the Minions hold.” he said with a quick slap on the leg.
” I had my first setback down below, where I managed to get lost then find my way down again, fought off several Minions and guards, made it all the way to the END … where I was trapped in the corner where I couldn’t even move to fight back, then sent back to the Life Stone. MOST embarrassing part about this was when I bumped into Lord Tibbet inside Martins retreat, and he commented on my armor.” Toron said with an outburst of laughter that caught most of the people up with him.

” Tibbet said I looked good in my leather and chainmail combination of several different colors, while I bought up some spell comps to help me get buffed up and back at those Minions who wronged me,” he said while shaking his fist in the air.

” I got everything I needed then ran all the way back down inside their lair again. This time I was a little wiser and fought the whole way down instead of just running it fast. That Minion was NO problem this time, I got what I came for looted my corpse and recalled out so fast if his body had had a head, it would have been spinning.” Toron laughed again.

” I turned in the human husk and received a Minor Armor Elysa’s Favor ring. Not exactly what I wanted, but beings I had little to nothing on me … I took it.” he said.

” After finishing this part of the Fittest quest, I thought about how much time I could kill on getting my other pincers. Since Behdo Yii was so nice to give me that note earlier, I figured I would go out and bring him some more. It didn’t take long running over to the Plateau portal where I buffed with the few level 5 and 6 spells I had ready.” Toron pulls back a long draw from his mug of ale, then wipes his mouth off.

” I went into the Soldiers Lair killing as few as possible along the run down to the Acid pit, which I sprinted across. Down the ramp from that I killed all the Soldiers finding a pincer along with some other good salvageable loot then headed towards the exit. I got outside and headed North, Northeast to the Ancient Grotto where I buffed up again and ran to the bottom where I nearly died as the Legionary began to overwhelm me.” he said with a shake of his head.

” Too dependant on my old armor jewelry and weapons, but I managed to keep them off my back long enough to keep alive, and move back after the ones with the pincers. I went around the corner carefully as three of them came at me. I knew that I should search each body as I killed it, in case others showed up behind me again. Luck being with me, I found the pincer on the fourth corpse I looted. Tucking it away I managed to pull forth my newly acquired wand and recalled out and made it back to Red Spire to see Behdo Yii and gave him the pincers. He was so happy, that he gave me another D note and a 75K note too.” Toron motioned to the Tavern owner to come over as he pulled out a trade note, and shouted out.

” Drinks are on ME tonight folks ! ” he grinned big and wide after saying this, looked around the empty Tavern.

” Where did everyone go ? Was it something I said ??” he said while scratching his confused if not bald head.

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