Snave Trevor Level 102 Sword – No 3rd Party Software Running
I decided to play my main character for the Survival of the fittest. His name is Snave Trevor, a level 102 Swordmaster with Item, Life and Creature magic trained. I figured he would be able to gather up some decent armor and weapon real quick and get some money for comps thus allowing me to jump right into doin some quests. Boy was I ever in for a rude awakening.

I started at the Lifestone in Tou-Tou, figuring this would be best because of the closeness of Subway portals. I made my way to Mayoi to start gathering stuff to sell so i could buy some armor and a weapon. Plus these were very familiar hunting grounds as Mayoi was my home for a long time. I first went to work on some lvl 30 -40 creatures such as Dire Mattikars and
Drudge lurkers. After about half an hour I made a trip into town to sell my loot and get some supplies. Let me tell you it is quite a humorous sight watching a nekid warrior beat a Dire mattie to death with his bare hands. I managed to buy some low al armor (80ish) and a half way decent sword. Back out on the hunt. So with a decent sword in my hand I got a little cocky and went after a pack of Dire Ursuins. Things were going pretty well I had slain one and was working on the other when a Fire wisp spawned right on top of me. Well directly I found myself with 5% vitea and standing in front of the Lifestone. Sword and armor gone, left behind on my body to pay Homage to the Lifestone gods….lol. Well I made my way back through subway to Mayoi. Got to the location of my body,the wisp was gone but an Altered Drudge lurked not far
from me and to my west was a pack of Shadows. I decided I would open my corpse and grab one or two items at a time then out run the Drudge, Wrong!!! I managed to die 7 times and racked up 40% Vitea. It took me over an hour to finally get all my stuff recovered. I did manage to find some better armor and a real nice sword while killing critters to get my bodies back.

With all my stuff rounded up I decided to take a trip to the dungeon of tatters in search of the Alloy Cylinder. One of the new quests from our latest update. Well when I arrived I was greeted by two Shadow Lt.s. I handled them easy enough so went in search of the Cylinder. My pack was getting pretty full so I Lifestone recalled and sold my loot. With a pretty good chunk of change in my pocket I bought some spell comps but couldnt buff my self with lvl 6 spells as I had too much Vitea still, around 25% i think. So I recalled back to the Dungeon of Tatters and commenced to slay more Lt.s. It didnt take too long and I had my Vitea worked off and mangaged to buff my weapon and cast some enhancements and protects on myself. I worked my way through the dungeon Killing shadows until i came to a cave like setting in the lower depths of the dungeon. the place was crawling with Mist Golems. I managed to Imperil them and set into putting them out of there misery. just as I lined up on my fifth golem I spied the Alloy Cylinder lying on the ground. I grabbed it up an quickly portal recalled and took the surface portal.
Outside the Dungeon of Tatters is a portal to HighMountain Valley. This dropped out close to my next designation, the Lost Garden Ruins. It was a short run to the ruins. Buffing myself up again I entered the portal and was quickly greeted by a lvl 85 Cursed Bones. Oh boy I was thinking to myself Im toast. Well I was able to take him out with little effort and his buddies, another Cursed Bones and a Great Skellie ,rushed over to avenge his death. After a brief battle I had dispatched these two would be avengers and set off to find the Alloy Engine. I fought my way through the dungeon killing several of these Skeletons. When I made it to the lower levels I met up with some lvl 85 Shadows called Pandemoniums. One at a time these guys were manageable. but then i got a group of 4 on me and had to run I keep running eventually ending up in the room that the Alloy Engine was located in. I picked it up and Lifestone recalled.

I took my two alloy treasures to the Agent of Arcanum, he examined them and told me to take them to an Arcanum researcher. I did so and was told to take them to the Undead Mechanic by the waterfalls on Marae Lassel. I journied to the Mechanic gave him my two treasures and recieved my reward of two viles of Poison.

This ended my Survival of the fittest quest. Hope you enjoy the story. Now to find out what the poison is for. A way to kill the Ancient Queen perhaps?
Total Deaths 7
total kills not counted.
made 1.7mil xp
completed 2 alloy metal quests, engine and cylinder.
ended up with some fair armor . Two decent swords and
a whole new respect for Life and Creature magic.

Snave Trevor,Lvl 102 Mystical Blademaster
Sword of Toyama
Clan Tallfellow

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