Asherons Call: And Thus There Were Queens!!!

Xenthic of Harvestgain reported this global:

As the brave adventurers led by Xianghua, destroy the nest guarded by the Olthoi Queen near Stonehold, new alarms are sounded. Settlements in the southern portion of the newly scarred landscape north of the mountain pass are besieged by an Olthoi Queen. Also, travellers through the forests near the northern Beach Fort report seeing a new Olthoi Queen.

* R * A * I * D * !!!!


Xenthic just reported another global:

Neoptolemus V has crushed the nest near the northern Beach Fort. As the nest is destroyed, reports filter from Stonehold and the settlements to the north of the mountain pass that Olthoi Queens have returned to the surface.


And now:

In the northwestern reaches of Osteth, the beleaguered city of Stonehold issues a call for help, as an Olthoi Matron is spotted somewhere outside the cities boundaries.

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