Unsurprisingly, almost 1/2 of the respondents said they don’t PvP which is to be expected. Just over 1 in 5 said they wanted to wait for a 100% fix. What really shocked me was the PvP angst out there amongst some of our poll respondents. Just over 1 in 5 responded saying PvP wasn’t worth fixing. I was rather surprised about that. I mean if there was a bug that caused you to have a guaranteed miss every other swing of your weapon (or a guaranteed fizzle every other spell) but only affected the same percentage of the gaming population as those who PvP, people would be clamoring for a fix.

For the specific breakdowns, see the table below.

Given the problems plaguing PvP (jumpspin & potion-god-mode), how do you think it should be fixed ??

I don’t PvP.

Spend the time necessary for a 100% fix of the core underlying problems. image
Ignore the problems. PvP isn’t worth the effort to fix. image
Tie the act of jumping to the PvP recently flag and make it cost a lot more. image
Other. image

Total Votes: [font color=”#CC0000″]869



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