Asherons Call: Another Week, Another Dev Q&A

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vn_lilkinsly wrote: The LTTP said that if your house is open, then anybody can write on it. It also said if your house is closed, then anybody with guest access can write on it.
I’m not sure where an Allegiance with a mansion falls into that. Our house is closed, but the whole allegiance has access to the mansion. So who can write on the boards.
Zyrca: The people that can write on your chalk board are the same people that can cross your house barrier. So, if the allegiance mansion is open, then anyone can use and write on the chalk board. If the mansion is closed, but open to allegiance members, then allegiance members may write on the chalk board as well as anyone on the mansion guest list.
If you can cross the house barrier, you can write on the chalk board [/p]

ipeacefrog wrote: Have a friend staying with me that has spent 10+ hours running around the world, on HG, looking for Scarecrows over the last 2 days. He’s using Bandit Sight and 6th Sense.
He has only found 1.
Is this intened or is there a problem with the spawn?

Ibn: The scarecrows are about as rare as they were last year, although they are more spread out. They have a lower chance of spawning in any given area, but the areas in which they spawn are greater.

SignoVinces wrote: So… i have heard anything from 1 minute to 5 minutes for answering admins regarding UCM.
I just want an official answer to how long it REALLY is.

Ibn: From what I know of their procedures, it varies depending on circumstance (for example they can extend the time if you’re suddenly attacked by monsters) but it’s usually a little under five minutes.

SamWaldo wrote: I have been LS in AB for abour 2 years now and in all that time I get mad when I have to go to a diff town just to buy my Stamina Potions.

The healers are supose to carry all the basice and since all the other healers IG have and sell Stamina Potions I think its about time the trade routs make their way out to the AB healer and resupply him more offten then about 4-12 every hour or so.

Ibn: Definately something we’re aware of, no ETA for a change.

Matrix-Monkey wrote: What was the point of the Animal Talker book, That Nuhumidra gave for the Living Tome?

Orion: Did you read what she said before she handed it over? Maybe if you knew what that said…:-) Maybe it’s just that she wants to be Dereth’s version of Dr. Seuss?

DogHood_TD wrote: Please drop all the fancy Graphics at game entry. They have blown my old computer out of the game. I can’t get in with 3d acceleration

not enabled ( I used to be able to do that).

Orion: Have you recently upgraded the driver for you video card? Did you recently install a windows patch, perhaps an upgrade to directx?
The splash screens shouldn’t be doing anything to your graphics card.

CyranosCottage wrote: Wheres the Mite love?

Orion: Mites are on landscape, they are just lower level creatures now, so if you don’t hunt in the lower level areas of the world, you may not see them often.

Demona82 wrote: I was just wondering if it was in the tech to use multiple imbues at partial effect?
srand: Nope. Each imbue is recorded as a flag — the weapon has it or it doesn’t — and then it’s effect is figured out based on your skill. If we wanted to record magnitudes of effects as well, we’d need to add a bunch more data to the system, and we’d probably want to rework how imbues are currently recorded.
Now as far as technical feasibility goes, we could add a new imbue — one that does CS and CB, both with a set lower maximum effect. But we have no plans to add such an imbue in the immediate future.

Eu__insumi wrote: Composite bow/xbow update? The current rewards are obviously useless now, maybe they can be brouhgt back to the spotlight.

srand: The composite weapons are indeed on our list to upgrade, but because of the sheer amount of work they need (there are 144 different varieties of weapon right now, and we’d like to add atlatls), they are pretty far down the priority list.

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