Asherons Call: Anyone Who Uses AC Trade, Please Read This!


“A Concerned Tradebot” sends us this plea for your assistance:


A lot of us Trade Bot Users are having a problem. A problem that has been occuring for several months now. Over at AcTrade forums, a bunch of us along with the ACTrade Dev have been trying to solve it.

It involves random CTDs (Crash To Desktop) when running the bot. These crashes have no error messages, the AC Client simply shuts down. These crashes can occur anywhere from 1 time to 15 times per day. It seems completely random.

It is not the actual ACTrade plugin as we have tried both TradeBot programs and both have the same CTDs. We believe it is a decal error or an actual AC Client error. We are hoping to gather more information from players having similar problems as well as bring awareness of the problem to the community and to the AC Devs and Decal Devs.

The thread is located at:


We ask anyone having CTD problems like the ones described above to post any and all information they can about the problem they experience.


A Concerned TradeBot

I will also be contributing information to this, as my tradebot is experiencing this issue as well, and she is most unhappy that she can’t get all those (*&#)@#@$ scrolls and bags of salvage out of her packs– they are getting seriously heavy, and she is starting to have back problems.

Let’s do what we can to help resolve this issue and keep our bots happy, eh?

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