Asherons Call: Arr! I’m a pirate! See me ‘ook?

Ok, so I’m not a pirate. But we do have hooks! Actually items that go on hooks. Well, it’s really more of a list of items as opposed to the actual items… Confused yet? You won’t be after you check out our brand-spanking new Hookable Item Compendium! Nevermore will you need to have a bland cottage or villa. From now on you will have more trouble trying to narrow down the list of things you want to hook! Listed in this new compendium are hundreds of things you can put on housing hooks. But there are more! There are always more… that’s where YOU come in. We need your help in filling out the compendium. I know there are many, many more things that can go on hooks that aren’t listed. So head over and check it out and let me know what I need to add. If you see a “?” that means nobody has actually tried to put that item in that hook. Or if you see other data missing (value or burden for example) let me know that too. Even if we don’t need a pic of the item, we still need that data. So open those hooks and try things out and let me know what can go where. You’ll be surprised what can be hooked, like all the different cooking items (which I still need to add)!

Oh, and if you go here we have an easy way to find the items for which we need pictures. It’s as simple as that so start sending us those pics and data!

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