Give it up YO!!

Hey, hey mama said the way you move,
Gon’ make you sweat, gon’ make you groove.
Ah-ahh child way ya shake that thing,
Gon’ make you burn, gon’ make you sting.

After a short sabbatical Black Dogg returns to us to share shippits of his wisdom about the world of Dereth.

Leap on over to the Columns section and read his discourse on the White Rabbit and its kin as they spent the day mowing down mules in the Marketplace on Shadowclaim.

He also takes us on a short tour of Olthoi North where he met up with some happy go lucky Olthoi Warriors partying with Diamond and Gold Golems.

Check it out!!

btw, the full lyrics for Led Zepplin’s Black Dog can be found HERE

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