It is a short jog from the Blackmire 1 Mansion Portal drop point south west to 38.0S 47.4W. Go inside the temple here and jump down to the bottom. Use the vine in the corner to be transported inside.

Guardian tells you, “The Lady of this temple, Kivik Lir, has deemed it closed to visitors. Only her students may pass through the gates beyond. Should the student present a glyph bearing the union of blood and shadow, the doors of knowledge shall open. Those without the glyph of the Lady Kivik Lir shall be turned away from this temple, for her knowledge is not for you.”
Guardian tells you, “Heed my warnings. I shall sup upon your blood and send you from this place should you speak with me again, or should you fail to present the correct glyph.”

Each person in the fellowship needs to travel down the east hall to acquire a Fragment of Solidified Blood. The respawn on the blood is quick. Back track west to the center starting room and proceed down the west hallway. Each person in the fellowship needs to acquire a Fragment of Charred Wood that spawns on the floor at the end of this hallway. Now return to the center.

Combine the two items to create an Emblem of Blackened Blood. Hand this to the Guardian.

You give Guardian Emblem of Blackened Blood.
Guardian tells you, “Welcome to the halls of Kivik Lir’s temple, child. I will now transport you to the staging area. You will be able to prepare yourself there before continuing further in your training.”
Guardian teleports you with Lyceum of Kivik Lir.

The staging area is nothing more than a place to divide up the levels. Those that are level 100+ need to use the red statue to proceed.

You are portaled into a room with your path blocked. At this point your fellowship needs to make a choice. If your group is adept at jumping, a shortcut exists to the north. If your group prefers to fight it’s way through, it can go south. The jumping method is easier for the more advanced players but the cause of a lot of vitae for many.

If you choose the jumping method:

Above the north path is a platform that fades in and out. There is a hidden doorway in the wall here. Jump up onto the platform and walk through the wall. Immediately after the hidden wall is a dispel trap! Odds are you will gather your fellowship after the dispel trap for a quick rebuff. You can jump the trap once you know where it is.

Take a left and a right to head north down a path with sacrificial daggers flying at you. Learn to dodege them and proceed north to the end of the hall, then turn right. Take your next right and look up for a hole in the ceiling. Jump up! There is a long path through a maze of sacrificial daggers for those that can not jump, but I recommend doing the fighting method that will be described below for those that can not make this jump.

Once you make the jump up, exit the room onto a wooden bridge. Look down and be careful when jumping off to land on the next level down and not two levels below. Jump down into the next level.

If you choose the fighting method:

Lead the group south and turn right. Fight your way through the Burun and take a left at the bottom of the next down ramp. When faced with a choice, bare north, but continue around until you find the next down ramp. The room at this point should open up more and you will be presented with an upramp with a new vaguely floor pattern.

Head up the ramp into a huge room of Burun and Goruk spawning everywhere. There are two levers on the northwall. Hit them both and take either path, east or west, up a ramp to the door you just opened by pulling the levers. Now it is a short dash through a hall of sacrificial daggers (be careful).

The quest continues. Either approach you take:

You are now in a room with four Eye of the Watchers and a Strange Device that looks like a portal. Each member of your fellowship must quickly hit all four eyes then use the Strange Device to be portaled into the next section.

The stone eye seems to widen and you feel as though your life has been drained.
Eye of the Watcher cast Under The Lash on you, surpassing Under The Lash
The stone eye seems to widen and you feel as though your life has been drained.
Eye of the Watcher cast Biting Bonds on you, surpassing Biting Bonds
The stone eye seems to widen and you feel as though your life has been drained.
Eye of the Watcher cast Bit Between Teeth on you, surpassing Bit Between Teeth
The stone eye seems to widen and you feel as though your life has been drained.
Eye of the Watcher cast Chained to the Wall on you, surpassing Chained to the Wall
A loud hum fills the room and for a moment you feel waves of mana washing over your body. The room shudders around you and the beacon comes to life, pulling you deeper into the temple of Kivik Lir.

You are now in the Trial Room. Only one member of the fellowship should complete the three trials. One thing to remember, that if two people attempt the same trial, the entire fellowship will be teleported back to the start of the quest. If one person makes the wrong decisions, the entire fellowship will be sent back to start.

The Guardian of the Trials speaks into your minds.
“Your efforts were judged as wanting.”

To begin, one person and one person only should click on the central statue to start the riddles. Upon the completion of the first riddle, you only have fifteen minutes to complete the other two.

The Western Trial (the “fighting” room):

One person and one personal only needs to speak to the statue down the west hall. Then after you are given your Trial, speak to the statue again to enter the fighting dungeon. At this point others in the fellowship may join you to help kill. They can safely click the statue at the end of the west hall to join you in the fighting room or they can wait back outside.

Each type of Burun or Goruk drops one of three pieces of bloodstone. Kill one of each type and acquire one of each type. Only one person must pickup these pieces and assemble the bloodstone since they are attunded and bonded. Multiple pieces should be “town criered” later.

To leave the fighting room, you may click the statue to be portaled back to the Trial room. Hand the bloodstone to the statue at the end of the western wall to complete this trial.

The Northern Trial (the “jumping” room):

You will notice all the way to the north is an eye you must get to. The floating blocks before you that do not disappear are fake. Only the blocks the appear and disappear are real. Jump on them and navigate your way across. If you fall, you must run through a maze of Burun for a chance to start over. Once you make it across, use the eye and jump back (or fall and run back) to the Trial room.

The Eastern Trial (the “easy” room):

Speak to the Eye of the Watcher to get your riddle and a satchel. The answer to the riddle is one. Go to the other room to the south east and use the urn to get a single bone. Use bone and satchel together and hand this back to the eye.

The Southern Trial (the “portal” room):

After completing the above three trials, the leader should speak to the Guardian in the center of the Trial room to portal everyone into a hiddle southern trial room. There are four Eye of the Watchers and a Strange Device here. Once again, everyone in the fellowship should use all four eyes, then the device to be portaled in.

Hint: Have a dispel gem handy for AFTER you use the Strange Device. The battle inside can get nasty and the eyes cast nasty debuffs.

Your fellowship is now in a huge high ceiling arena style room with a huge barrier blocking your way. Clear the room and destroy the barrier for access to the final statue. Each member of the fellowship need to use the statue at the end of the hall to be teleported to the prize room.

Everyone gets the leggings and girth to complete the Blackmire suit and a choice of:

    [li]Bracelet that gives +3 to willpower (stacks)
    [li]Headgear that gives boost to creature and mana conversion
    [li]One of Five Fellowship spells (mana conversion, life magic, war magic, creature magic, or item magic)

Timer is 30 days.

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