Well, the First Annual CoD Chess Tournament draws to a close.

Many Entered, few survived to the end. And the skills of those that played were magnificent. I applaud the Gamemanship of all involved and thank all those that helped make it happen (especially the participants).

The last few rounds were a wonderful display of tactical ability with many extremely close matches. Unfortunately, in competitions of this sort, only a few come out on top.

So, with no more delay, The Top 5 Chess Players of Dereth Are:

4th Thornfinn Sigurdssen, of LC
4th Mazoch, of WE
3rd Alando, of MT
2nd Shordy, of MT

And the Grand Champion of Chess on Dereth Is…..

1st Ncf-Poozer, of WE

Feel free to check out the Competition Tree Here.

{and yes, i know there are 2 4th place positions. we didnt run a match to see who was 4th and who was 5th}

And Finally. For all of you that did Not participate in the Chess Tournament. You ALL owe me a Character Biography.

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