The first day of Games is over and the results are in, you can find them Here.

The winners of the first rounds are:

Dimdog, of TD
Thornfinn Sigurdssen, of LC
Ncf-Poozer, of WE
Olesen, of LC
Shordy, of MT
Aleph One, of LC
Grim Goby, of LC
Sundancer, of LC
Shadow Hunter’s Bow, of LC
Mazoch, of WE
Max Razor, of LC
Paraduck MT II, of MT
Ehran the Scribe, of MT
Surfal, of LC

Sunday will see the last set of scheduled games for the first round, with a couple during the week.

As an added bonus to our games today, we were privilaged to have been visited by +Admin Srand, who cheered on the participants and heckled the peanut gallery. I would like to thank her for her interest in our humble little endeavor.

The fun isnt anywhere near over yet, so come on by and cheer on your favorites. And stay tuned for the beginning of the second round. I’m sure it will be an exciting time for all.

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