I’m sure you have all noticed the groups of Drudges scampering about the land of Dereth recently getting in shape for the upcoming Chess Tournament.

Gronk, the Drudge King on Telan’s Chess team, had this to say in an interview:

“Yes, well, we’re runnin and jumpin and practicin and marchin and stuff. We’ll be ready for the game when it starts. We have really sharp swords ya know. HEY!! YOU PAWNS!! YES YOU!! GET OFF THAT REED SHARK”

Unfortunately the interview was cut short as Gronk had to go chasing off after part of his team.

Scrolls have been Posted at all the Inns and Taverns around Dereth displaying the names of those who have registered for the Trounament so far.

If you would like to register for the Tournament, get out your scrolls and quills and portal a note to Sundancer, of Leafcull. You need to include, Your Main Character’s name and home World. The name of the Chessplayer character on Leafcull. A contact Email address, and your name and mailing address should you win.

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