Black Dogg has graced us with another issue of his Chronicles at the Dogg Pound! This time, he speaks of his adventures outside Ayan Baqar, the skill specialisation and sellback quests, and a milestone in the career of many a character – the battle with Aun Ralirea!

I was landing about 75% of my war spells and all of my life and critter spells and I would say about 50% of my war spells.

This made me smile a little bit, level 48 and I was taking down higher shadows using level 6 spells.

We ran around for a few hours killing Drudges, Shadows, Golems, and Banderlings. About the time we got done with a group of golems and we saw a nice spawn of Virindi on the edge of our radar.

This was my first try at a large swarm and I was clueless on how to do it. He was walking me through taking out a whole group slowly.

Go take a look here!

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