In search of fresh blood, as always, WCoD has recently gained a new columnist, Black Dogg. Black Dogg has been a long time AC player, who recently returned from a hiatus after hearing about the current changes. He’s since decided to start chronicling his time in Dereth, and the result is hosted here on WCoD!

Join Black Dogg for his inaugural column as he speaks of his first high-level weapon, the issues of trust in Dereth, as well as patrons and third party programs – as well as a couple of other worthy topics.

I see that I am alone, at first thought I was happy then I started to think that I could handle it if I could keep them at the doorway. Well I buffed my weapon up with almighty 5’s. I started casting them on my weapon and bludgeon and imp on my armor. I have good armor but every little bit helps. I run in and start to tank, well to make a long story short I mused have had been cursed and not known about it or it was bugged because the 1-3 hits went to 30-40 hits and with 185 health it did not take me long to drop. Then poof I find myself back at the Tou Tou lifestone.

Black Dogg is planning to make the Chronicles a weekly affair, and the column can be found here.

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