Sprawl of Clan Z sent this in to us:

It is common knowledge that next patch will come with a new creature on Caul Island. This could be your last chance to get these two prizes for your n00b!

We will be meeting at Ecorto (13.7N 0.1E) in Zaikial for both Quests on Monday, January 26th. Both quests are for levels 60+. Do NOT be late, depending on turnout, we may open the portal BEFORE we buff. I expect a large turnout so tune in to #clanZQuest2 on irc.stratics.com, 6667, if you can.

11 PM EST (8 PM PST board time) – Bracelet of Dark Essence (60+)

Midnight EST (9 PM PST board time) – Caul Recall (60+)

Both quests, especially the second one, requires a lot of communication and paying attention to directions. Anyone who quests with me knows that I do not wait for people that die, people that get lost, or people that can not follow directions. Anyone who can stay with the group and pay attention will find these quests very easy.

Bring your friends and see you there!


You can find more information here.

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