This quest takes too much preperation to be worth the ten million XP. It is only the experience of doing the entire quest coupled with the ten million that makes this quest even worthwhile. I highly recommend everyone go through the complete quest at least one time, it is pretty cool. I am also looking for more the Skull of Averon Palacost, the Heart of Shadow, and the Fragment of the Singularity to continue running this historic quest.


If you have been with me the last few times, you have noticed people crash, people get portaled out of the dungeon, and even worse, people get sent to 0.0, 0.0. After running this quest every few weeks for the past six months, I have come to realize, anything over fifty people is too much for the Turbine machine. Therefore I am going to split this up into two runs: Clan Only and Server-Wide

On Tuesday May 4th, 2004,
– Clan Z ONLY – 7:30 PM PST (Time Zone Converter), Meets in the Mansion Basement
– Server-Wide – 10:15 PM PST (Time Zone Converter), Meets in the Upper Subway

Remember to bring your death items, we will have people available to help buff. The quest lasts approximately 30 minutes plus an additional minute per person. This quest is for levels 40+ and is worth 10 million XP (behaves like a pincer not a tusk). You will need a Fire Weapon for the Shadows, and perhaps a Slashing one for the Grievvers.

See You There!

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